Friday, 18 March 2011

MathSoc's Pi Day Party

On 14th March (3.14) the maths staff and students celebrated pi day. We had a short talk on the history of pi which included learning some fun mnemonics like 'How I Need A Drink Alcoholic Of Course' (3.1415926) and having a competition to see who could memorise the most digits of pi. This was won by Nic Mortimer (3rd year - BSc Decision Science) who memorised 101. Karen Richardson from the library came a close second.

We also listened to a pi song - available here:

This was followed by some pi pie and pi cake made by Noel-Ann Bradshaw, Ameli Gottstein (3rd year - BSc Maths) and James Howe (3rd year - BSc Maths). Pictures by Michael Dullaway (3rd year - BSc Maths).

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Tony said...

I should have won! I cam recite many more than 101 digits of pi!