Sunday, 7 February 2010

Greenwich Maths Challenge 3

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This was posted at 9:30am on Sunday 7 February but because I had prepared it in advance it doesn't appear as the newest item in the blog. Here is a direct link to it.

Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today

The speakers at Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today
This was a wonderful conference with excellent presentations by undergraduates from all round the country, crowned by an exhilarating keynote address by Ian Stewart. The friendly atmosphere and evivent enjoyment of all the participants made it an extremely rewarding day.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Greenwich Maths Challenge 3

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The following text has been encrypted with a Vigenere cipher. (Simon Singh's Code Book CD-rom, which can be downloaded free, has a useful tool for deciphering such ciphers.) The text which has been enciphered contains one number which has been omitted. The prize for this challenge will be awarded to the first Greenwich maths undergraduate to email to two pieces of information: 1) the missing number and 2) the Vigenere keyword.